4 Young Adult Horror Books To Read This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and while most teens will celebrate the occasion with trick-or-treating and movie marathons.

Many will also spend the night in bed or with their friends, reading horror books

 For all the book lovers out there who enjoy a thrilling horror ride, we've curated a list of young adult horror novels that you should consider reading this Halloween.

The Taking of Jake Livingston' by Ryan Douglass

Jake is not like other teenagers. He's a medium, juggling the challenges of school, friendship drama, crushes, and racism.

Outside of school, he helps the spirits of the deceased move on. But one day, Jake encounters a violent ghost that begins to haunt him, and his life takes a chilling twist.

There's Someone Inside Your House' by Stephanie Perkins

Makani has moved from Hawaii to Nebraska and is adjusting to her new life. However, things take a terrifying turn as her classmates are brutally murdered.

The hunt for a serial killer begins, forcing Makani to confront the secrets she had hoped to leave behind in Hawaii.

What Stalks Among Us' by Sarah Hollowe

Best friends Sadie and Logan make a grave mistake by skipping their end-of-year field trip to the amusement park and deciding to explore long-forgotten backroads.

Their next mistake occurs when they stumble upon an enormous, abandoned corn maze and decide to enter, only to discover that they are not alone.

She Is a Haunting' by Trang Thanh Tran

Jade Nguyen arrives in Vietnam for a five-week stay with her estranged father. Her goal is to survive by pretending to be a happy family living in a French colonial house.

However, the house has other plans for her, and soon, terror ensues.

The Mediator Series' by Meg Cabot

The series tells the story of a girl named Susannah "Suze" Simon, who is a mediator. Throughout the series, she helps, talks to, and guides spirits to the "Great Beyond.

She also has the ability to travel to the Shadow Land, which is the realm of Damnation.

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