How To Get Rid Of Strong Body Odour

Maintain hygiene

Shower regularly, especially after you exercise and maintain hygiene to deal with issues pertaining to strong body odour

Avoid synthetic clothes

Synthetic clothing prevents sweat from evaporating properly, growing bacteria and body odour. Instead, wear fabrics like cotton that promote air ventilation and let your body breathe

Let your body dry before dressing 

Dry your body properly before wearing clothes to prevent dampness as it creates foul smell

Use antibacterial soap

Use antibacterial soaps to lessen the foul smell. Make sure you consult a dermatologist in advance to select a soap according to your skin type that does not cause allergic reactions

Change and wash your clothes regularly

Do not repeat your clothes without washing them if you have a strong body odour. Make sure you wash them well with detergents and rinse them off well

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