10 Terrible Horror Games With Strong Stories 

Night Trap

Now to be completely transparent, Night Trap's narrative is not exactly Shakespeare, As its B movie quality adds to its charm

Thrill Kill

The game had a killer premise. Essentially, an ancient goddess resurrects a group of the World's most savage killers to pit them in a fighting tournament.

Clock Tower: Ghost Head

Ghost Head actually has pretty good Voice acting and its gameplay designs is more or less the same but feels a bit more refined.

Resident Evil: Gaiden

The story deals with a zombie outbreak on a cruise ship and when Leone S. Kennedy goes missing after swooping in to investigate.


There were a surprising amount of horror games on the GameCube, with Geist certainly being one of them.

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor could've been the best horror game of the 2010s, as its narrative and artistic style are S-tier.

Vampire: The Masquerade-Redemption

If a gamer wants to dip into The world of darkness, it'd be best if they stuck to Bloodlines.

Silent Hill: Downpour

 Downpour has by far the most unimpressive monster design in the series' history.

Predator: concrete Jungle

Predator: Concrete Jungle has no right to be as junky as it is. The controls feel awkward and are immensely frustrating.

Rule Of Rose

It hurts to call Rule of Rose a bad horror game, as its music, voice acting, and story are of the highest quality.