5 Interesting Fact About Nick Jonas

The youngest of the renowned Jonas brothers, Nick became known after starting a band with his brothers Joe and Kevin, and has since been a heartthrob all over the world

Here are 5 interesting things you may not have known about Nick Jonas

Started doing Broadway at a young age

At 8 years old he appeared in a Broadway role with, A Christmas carol. He went on to star in production of Les Miserables and Beauty and the Beast as well

Co-owns a record label

In 2015, Jonas founded safehouse records with Demi Lovato and Phil Mclntyre, with the intention of allowing artists the opportunity to express  themselves authentically

Matching tattoo with brother

Nick and Joe Jonas made the decision to get matching tattoo before that 2016 video music award and arrow pointing in the direction of each other on the back of their arms

Shut down a whole store to propose

Nick shut down a whole Tiffany and Co. store the day after Priyanka Chopra 36th birthday and asked her to marry him

Personal guitar collection

Nick is very passionate when it comes to playing the guitar and has 12 of them in his personal collection

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