Sam Altman joins Microsoft

AI Power Struggle Intensifies: Sam Altman’s Microsoft Move Signals Strategic Shift in Industry Landscape

Microsoft has hired Sam Altman to power up its innovation in artificial intelligence after the co-founder of OpenAI was ousteds as CEO  in achaotic boardroom coup on Friday. Meanwhile, the ChatGPT company will get its third CEO in three days. It’s another major shakeup to the balance of power over artificial intelligence, the most significant new…

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Best light bulb security camera

5 Best light bulb security camera in 2023

Best Light bulb security cameras have gained immense popularity recently due to their discreet and convenient surveillance capabilities for homes, offices, or studios. These ingenious devices mimic standard light bulbs but come equipped with a hidden camera that can capture high-quality video footage. This design offers several crucial advantages. Firstly, potential intruders are less likely…

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