Slicked back

Brad looks suave with his nicely gelled, slicked back hairstyle.


The most popular hairstyle of the noughties- spikes were a sensation back in those days. Boys went crazy about spikes during the early aughts. Spikes made Brad look all the more irresistible. Do you guys agree?


Brad sported these bangs in the year 1993. His clean shaved look added to his charisma. Fringes are back in vogue again and men are rocking this look with a stubble.

 Buzz cut

One of the most popular hairstyles of Brad is the buzz cut. The military cut hairstyle goes well with both tuxedos as well as casual outfits. Brad used to be clean-shaved whenever he opted for the buzz haircut.

Classic quiff

Brad looked uber sexy in his classic quiff.

 Curtain hairstyle

A curtain hairstyle is basically created when the hair on top is left longer and can either be in a middle-parting or slightly to the side. This picture of Brad is from 1997 when he attended the movie premiere of 7 years in Tibet wearing an oversized tuxedo.

Long tresse

Pitt coloured his hair blonde and kept it long and wavy resulting in a grunge look.


Brad also sported this punk hairstyle when it was in trend during the early aughts.

Side parted slicked back

Brad sported this slicked back hairstyle with a French beard.