The Wait Is Over : Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Release Date Finally Unveiled!

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Release Date



When anticipating the arrival of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, fervent Na’vi enthusiasts have undoubtedly been posing the question for quite some time. Ubisoft, my fellow warriors, has officially disclosed the specific PC release times for its upcoming jungle escapade, along with insights into the possibility of preloading.

As someone who spent an excessive amount of time engrossed in the original movie-inspired Avatar game during childhood, I earnestly hope that Avatar Frontiers of Pandora lives up to my, perhaps overly lofty, expectations. The first-person action-adventure game set in Pandora, the titular alien world, is scheduled for release on Thursday, December 7, promising a substantial gaming experience. So, is it available for preload? And what are the release details for your region?

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Preload

To address the first query, indeed, you can preload Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora on PC starting from 5 am PST / 8 am EST / 1 pm GMT / 2 pm CEST on Tuesday, December 5.

Considering the game’s substantial size of 90GB on PC, I strongly recommend taking advantage of the preload option. If you’re pondering whether your system can handle the game, we’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora System requirements.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Release Time

On PC, the Avatar Frontiers of Pandora release is slated for 9 pm PST / 11 pm GMT on December 6, and 12 am EST / 12 am CEST on December 7.

The confirmed release times for Avatar Frontiers of Pandora across different regions are as follows:

  • Los Angeles – 9 pm, December 6
  • Shanghai – 9 pm, December 6
  • London – 11 pm, December 6
  • Mexico City – 11 pm, December 6
  • Seoul – 11 pm, December 6
  • Tokyo – 11 pm, December 6
  • Malmo – 12 am, December 7
  • Montreal – 12 am, December 7
  • New York – 12 am, December 7
  • Paris – 12 am, December 7
  • Sydney – 12 am, December 7
  • Johannesburg – 1 am, December 7
  • Kyiv – 1 am, December 7
  • Sao Paulo – 2 am, December 7
  • Abu Dhabi – 3 am, December 7

The stage is set, and the frontier awaits just beyond the horizon. As you await the grand release, peruse our list of the best fantasy games and explore other space-themed games if you revel in navigating stunning alien landscapes. Keep abreast of daily PC game news, reviews, and guides by following us on Google News, or snag some great deals with our PCGN deals trackers.

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