How To Activate eSIM On iPhone

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eSIM is a feature that is included in a mobile device and can connect you to any eSIM-enabled carrier. The eSIM is similar to a standard Sim, but it does not require a physical card

With the eSIM, one can easily change the network provider, data package, or any other service plan

Apple supports the installation of up to eight eSIMs on an iPhone, but only two phone numbers can be operated at the same time

iPhone 14 marketed in the US only supports eSIM and does not include a physical sim card tray. Indian variants with iOS 12.1 or above have a combination of a physical SIM and eSIM

Here's how you can install an eSIM

To install eSIM on your device, you will need an eSIM-compatible table carrier. eSIM is supported by major Indian Carriers such as Jio, Airtel, and Vi

Contact your carrier to get your phone number added to your iPhone via eSIM carrier activation or by scanning a QR code provided by your carrier

Tab the notification that reads carrier "Carrier Cellular plan ready to Be installed when it displays on your screen in the notification section

Once the eSIM plan gets activated, remove your physical SIM and restart your iPhone

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