20 Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit for 2022 | Business ideas with low investment and high profit

20 Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit for 2022 | Business ideas with low investment and high profit: Starting your own business can be an overwhelming task. Yet, not following the daily and monotonous 9-5 office routine anymore and making all decisions yourself is one of the world’s best feelings. However, not everyone is able to fulfill the dream of running a business, generally due to insufficient funds. But not anymore! With several low investment business ideas, which also yield good profits, you can now start your own business and turn your passion into a profession.

20 Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit for 2022 | Business ideas with low investment and high profit

20 Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit for 2022 | Business ideas with low investment and high profit

Here are some low cost business ideas (20 Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit for 2022) with high profit potential to get you started.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers simply earn a small portion of each sale that they send to a brand. So you don’t really need anything to get started. It might take you some time to build up an audience that will actually help you earn. But once you get going it should be mostly profit.

2. Online Bakery

With the pandemic and lockdown, this has been a common sight. There have been so many bakers who have started these home-based bakeries. And who doesn’t know the power of the internet these days? You can take a small place to cook some delicious cuisines and sell them.

3. Virtual Assistant Service

Virtual assistants help businesses with everything from inbox management to social media posting. You really just need access to a computer and internet connection to get started. And you can earn even more if you have specific skills.

4. Yoga and Meditation Center

With that busy schedule, hectic life, and a lot of work stress nobody can live a healthy life. Your Yoga and meditation center will help people to fight with all these never-ending problems. Apart from that, it also a very profitable business idea. The investment will just be a good place and some workers (optional). You can also hire a trainer if you don’t have a knowledge of Yoga and meditation.

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5. Ebook Sales

You can publish an ebook fairly inexpensively on platforms like Amazon. Then all of the money you bring in when you make sales is mainly profit.

6. Online Surveys and Captcha Solving

An earning mechanism not at all painstaking, completing surveys, and solving captchas can generate revenue while staying at home. The skills required basic English knowledge, knowledge about numbers, and the internet. The earnings may seem small, but when accrued, the time and efforts show the results. It’s important to know that scammers are widespread in this domain.


Hobby class comes among the most suitable business among the small business ideas list (20 Low Investment Business Ideas With High Profit for 2022) . Starting your hobby class means that you can start classes on anything you find amazing. You can start teaching dancing, singing, acting or drawing. There are plenty of people who sit at their homes doing nothing. Therefore, you can target those clients for the morning classes and the working population for the evening classes.

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Another business idea from the small business ideas list is handmade or craft making. People love to embellish their homes at all times of the year. But especially during festivals and occasions. So, you can start a business by investing yourself in handmade and craft making. People particularly in rural areas contribute to the major part of this sector in our country. Hence, the government provides additional subsidies and special help to this sector to promote them. In the next 10 years, this sector will grow commendably. And it is only wise to invest in a business like this.

9. Web Design

Web design is a prime example of low cost business ideas with high profit. All you’ll need is a computer. Many popular websites run through online platforms such as WordPress. Many people with websites don’t have the time or skills needed to design them from scratch. Web design is easy to learn, and the buy-in is quite low. After all, you probably already have a computer. It’s a prime example of high profit business ideas for 2022.

10. Resume Service

If you have experience helping people get jobs, there are plenty of job seekers who would gladly pay for you to create resumes and cover letters for them.

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11. Mobile Food Service

Either you contact some restaurant or cook yourself. All you need is a delivery boy or more (depends on the demand) and vehicles. Give the service on time and most importantly serve tasty food.

13. Online Tutoring

If you’re an expert in any subject, of course, then you start the business in online tutoring. Make sure you complete your master’s or any particular degree required to begin.

14. Greeting Cards

Greetings cards have been in trend for ages. If you are the one who has the knack for designing, then showcase your artwork. This is one of the best creative business ideas.

15. Interior Designer

There is a significant amount of people belonging to the creamy layer of wealth in our country. And they are willing to spend heavily on the expensive mansions, full facilities, and the luxury to express their level. And hence the furniture is one of the most valued products as an interior. The amount spent on these luxury interiors is high and therefore the level of expectation is also high. The style, design, and quality of the interior elements which make up the value of the product are the factors that every decoration storekeeper should prioritize the focus on.

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16. Grocery

Grocery is the most needful business for the selling of different goods that humans need daily. This is a profitable and no loss business as grocery is the daily basic need for all humans. You just have to invest a few thousand to buy some inventory from a seller and sell it in the market. You can purchase every product sold. You can start from a mall grocery shop and gradually expand as per need.

17. Stock Photo Sales

Photographers, sell your photos on stock photo sites to earn some passive income. All you need is a camera and a computer with internet connection.


Lunch service is another among the small business ideas list. It is one of the famous and successful ideas. If you are a good cook then you can start a lunch service business. It doesn’t require any big investment. So, just the raw materials and the delivery service. The profit that you will get in this business will surpass the expenditure by a lot.

It is particularly famous in big cities. Women in big cities start their own lunch service. Why in big cities? Because students and young people from all over the world come here to study and earn money. therefore, which makes a huge market for homemade food. Hence, lunch service usually works and earns profits.

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19. Driving School

To start this business, you need some cars and a good team of drivers who can teach driving. Or you can just contact your friends, neighbors, etc. if they want to learn driving. Some people even bring their own car and ask people to teach them driving. Thus driving school makes for a great minimum investment business.

20. Baby Sitter

If you start a business of baby keeping in the metro city you will surely see success very soon. Most of the people in the metro cities of India are very busy. So, people will definitely buy your services.

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