How to earn money from sharechat | How to earn money in share chat app

How to earn money from sharechat

How to earn money from sharechat | How to earn money in share chat app :  The sharechat app is a general application; people use it, have used WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and have seen your friends’ status many times, which is written below. They will be familiar with sharechat.

How to earn money from sharechat | How to earn money in share chat app

Many people use the sharechat app today because this app gives you a lot of entertainment; you get to see videos, photos, and many jokes in this app, you can watch this entertainment free, and your Can share with friends!

You can also talk with your friends through this app, like WhatsApp and Instagram; you will see all the same features like Tiktok and like app in the sharechat app, you will see many various features from WhatsApp and Instagram while chatting. Will meet.

If you are using social media just for entertainment purposes and not utilizing it for branding and online earning then it can be your biggest mistake in the future.

In this article, I will tell you about one of the popular social app called “Sharechat” and the different ways by which you can generate a decent amount of money from Sharechat just like any other famous social app in 2022.

Before I give you detailed information on how to earn money from Sharechat, let’s begin with a quick introduction to Sharechat for newbies.

What is ShareChat App

ShareChat App is known as a Video Status App. It is a very popular video status app developed by the students of IIT Kanpur. ShareChat App was launched in 2015 which is used by millions of people today. Is.

How to earn money from sharechat | How to earn money in share chat app

In ShareChat, you get to see videos, audios and messages and you can share them with any of your friends or family members, as well as you can share posts by creating your account and follow someone else’s account.

share chat application, you can become famous on share chat by uploading your own video or photo and the more unique content you put, the more your chances of getting popular are increased ShareChat App is absolutely free and in this you will get There are many features available which you can take advantage of.

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How to earn money from sharechat | How to earn money in share chat app

In order to start earning money on the ShareChat app, you must finalise a niche for your content. You can make content on motivation, education, fashion, and sports, amongst others. Possessing a niche allows users to earn money effortlessly on the ShareChat app.

How to earn money from sharechat | How to earn money in share chat app

First of all, you need to decide on which topic you are going to post to start earning from Sharechat. You should concentrate on a particular topic to engage or catch the attention of people.

It can be educational, motivational, tips and tricks, fashion related or anything. You just need to create posts around your topic and start posting.

There are several ways of earning from Sharechat. In which 5 best and popular ideas of Sharechat earnings are –

1. Refer & Earn

Like other social earning apps, ShareChat also gives you money every time you refer the app to a friend. All you have to do is invite your friends via different mediums or a direct referral link. 

In order to get your referral link, you have to click on the coin icon available on top of the app. An individual can get up to INR 40 for every referral. However, one can only send 20,000 referrals or invitations in a month. 

Users get their referral money in the form of ‘Lifafa’. The first and second Lifafa can be redeemed instantly. For the others, however, there’s a four day waiting period. 

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2. Paid Promotion

The reach of Sharechat is quite good and anyone can get followers easily. But, promoting a profile on a big follower page can just boost up followers. Similarly, once you get a high amount of followers you can earn money by promoting new and small profiles. You can charge them for doing this as per your reach and engagement.

If you work on some specific niche like shoes, tech, news, etc., and have a good amount of followers then you can also get deals from famous brands.

Popular companies are always on the lookout for profiles where they can promote their product or service. Some even pay you a commission on every sale made through your profile. So, paid promotion can be a good option for you.

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3. Video Upload

If you upload videos on sharechat, then you can earn very well from it, you get as much money as the people who watch the videos, along with this, your followers also start growing very fast by uploading videos continuously every day, so that your The account becomes a popular account, after that you also get many offers for earning.

Apart from this, there can be many different ways to earn money from this, but often most of the people use these methods to earn money from it and in this you can earn well as well as become popular, which is a very good way. The talk happens.

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4. Affiliate Marketing

All of us have heard of Affiliate Marketing. Numerous YouTubers and Bloggers use it to earn money. In Affiliate Marketing, individuals get a fixed percentage on the price of the product or service. 

So you can advertise the products or services of organisations on the ShareChat app and earn a commission on the same. 

5. Product Reselling

Product reselling is a great way for part-time income for students or employed persons. However, you can earn more as you do it full time (not recommended unless you start earning a decent amount). You can approach the wholesaler to resell any product. You can buy products from them directly and sell them to your followers with your margin.

Some wholesalers also provide photos of products that you can share on your profile. Once you have received the order, you can directly reach out to the wholesaler and he will deliver the product to your follower cum customer.

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6. Champion Program

ShareChat app has a Champion program using which individuals can earn money. However, this method of making money is slightly complicated. It requires you to participate in the ShareChat campaign.

Are you wondering how to make money on the ShareChat App using the campaign program? You have to make five videos using the camera of the ShareChat App that has your own audio and upload the same.

Within a few days of uploading the five videos, a star icon gets displayed on your profile. The minute this icon comes on your profile, you can start participating in this program. When you click on the star icon, leadership will get displayed. You can earn up to INR 50,000 with the same.

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